关于诚信英语演讲稿 篇一

almost all of us heard the story “here comes the wolf” when we were little kids. what we can learn from the story is that we must be honest. however, there’re lots of phenomena of dishonesty nowadays。

being dishonest does great harm not only to other people but also to yourself. take the case of fake milk powder for example. after drinking this kind of milk, the babies had big heads while their legs and arms were still thin, which badly affected their health. to our great relief, the producers got accused and punished for all the serious consequences in the end。

having the reputation of being honest and reliable will make other people trust you, (www.chayi5.com)which will provide you many benefits and give you opportunities that others may not get. being honest, you will find it easier to cooperate with others and people will be friendly to you and support you. in a sense, if life is a long journey, honesty will be the backpack that should be taken along all the way. let’s pick up our “backpack”—honesty, and start the wonderful journey!

关于诚信英语演讲稿 篇二

good evening, everybody! it’s my honor to speak here, and i am very glad to share my topic with you. then today i’d like to talk something about honesty.honesty means speaking the truth and being fair and upright in act. there are just a few of words, however,doing it completely is one of the most difficult things. by contrary, those who lies and cheats is dishonest,those who gain fortunes not by hard labour but by other means is dishonest.

now,firstly, i will share one short story that is well known in china. it named.in order to persuade her son not to follow her to the fair, the boy’s mother promised her son to kill a pig for him. in fact, she didn’t plan to kill anything.but the pig finally died. who killed it? zensheng did.he said,”children know nothing to begin with, but they copy their parents and learn from them, when you cheat the boy, you are teach him to lie” this story tell us, we must have faith. if we always lie to others, we will lose the trust of others.

in the long river of history, there are many such similar stories about honesty. all those stories tell us that people are praising the quality of honesty.it was true that most of people value honesty highly. therefore,honesty is the traditional virtue of the chinese nation, we should inherit it and not let it break in our generation.

however, now the situation is not optimistic. in the tide of commodity economy today,it seems that more and more people believe in money at the sacrifice of honesty. this is a reason why phenomena of dishonesty upward trend. in people basic necessities of life, it is flooded with fake and shoddy milk, drainage oil; in the political field, many officials have no honesty carring some false bureaucratic activities or movements; in the social life field, many people believe that good faith is a kind of stupid behavior. they don’t understand that honesty is the biggest fortune humans own, and that it is the pre requisite for doing everything well. do we really want to live in a world full of lies? i think the answer is no. paradoxically, we all want to have a good faith society. at the same time, the good faith is also the requirement of economy society. we want to have a good faith society, first of all we should be honest.

as a contemporary college students, we are the symbol of civilzation in our country, we should set an example. just try to put honesty into action in our normal life, we can start small. like clean up our rooms after making a promise, turn in a wallet full of money that we found, keep a friend’s secret and so on. i believe, the good faith society will come back if we contrive for it!

that’s all. thank you for listening, ladies and gentlemen.

关于诚信英语演讲稿 篇三

with our world developing,more and more people neglect how to conduct theirselves.what is the most common reflection of this phenomenon is dishonesty,which is now seriously influencing relationship between people.

being dishonest can do harm not only to others but also to ourselves,thus,we must get aware of the importance of boycoting it.take the case of the sanlu powder for example.after drinking sanlu fake powder,lots of babies got sick and had big heads,nevertheless,their bodies still thin.people hateful too much,the sanlu corporation expectedly get punished and never have choice to make up their faults.

when it comes to the significances of being honest,i consider,we will make good relationship bewteen others,such as in the school ,in the busineand in the society.furthermore,only if we are honest to others can others become friendly to us.therefore,cultivate a virtue of honesty and we will get better.

诚信英语演讲稿 篇四

since the quality of honesty applies to all behaviors, one cannot refuse to consider factual information, for example, in an unbiased manner and still claim that one's knowledge, belief or position is an attempt to be truthful. such a belie

f is clearly a product of one's desires and simply has nothing to do with the human ability to know. basing one's positions on what one wants — rather than unbiased evidence gathering — is dishonest even when good intentions can be cited — after all even hitler could cite good intentions and intended glory for a select group of people. clearly then, an unbiased approach to the truth is a requirement of honesty.

because intentions are closely related to fairness and certainly affect the degree of honesty/dishonesty, there is a wide spread confusion about honesty--and a general belief that being dishonest means that one always correctly understands if their behavior is either honest or dishonest. self-perception of our morality is non-static and volatile. it's often at the moment we refuse to consider other perspectives that there is a clear indication we are not pursuing the truth, rather than simply and exclusively at the moment we can muster up evidence that we are right. socrates had much to say about truth, honesty and morality, and explained that if people really understood that their behavior was wrong — then they simply wouldn't do it — by definition. unfortunately, honesty in the western tradition has been marginalized to specific instances — perhaps because a thorough understanding of honesty collides with ideologies of all types. ideologies and idealism often exaggerate and suppress evidence in order to support their perspectives — at the expense of the truth. this process erodes the practice and understanding of honesty. to an ideologist the truth quite often becomes insignificant, what matters most are their ideals and what ever supports their desires to enjoy and spread those ideals.

human beings are inherently biased about what they believe to be good due to individual tastes & backgrounds, but once one understands that a decidedly biased approach to what is true — is inherently dishonest, one can also understand how idealism and ideology have poorly served the quest for an honest, moral society. both honesty and morality require that we base our opinions about what is good — upon unbiased ideas of what is true — rather than vice versa (determining what is true based on what we feel is good) — the way all ideologies would have us believe.

诚信英语演讲稿 篇五

the difference between laziness and leisureliness:

it’s our great honor and deepest pleasure to welcome you, our dear friends, both old and new from all over china, all over asia, and all over the world.

on behalf of our dedicated classmates, our distinguished teachers, foreign friends, especially our gracious host, the no.2 longgang high school ,we greet you and encourage you to seize upon this unique opportunity to conquer english and make lifelong friends with people from every province of our wonderful country and throughout the world. by conquering english, we can help ourselves and others.

we are human beings, not animals. we know what we want to do. we know our destiny is in our hands. with hard work and determination, we can do anything we set our minds to do.

from today on we will accompany you day and night every minute on this unique journey.

we want you to open your heart.

we want you to be devoted.

we want you to be crazy.

we want you to forget about your face.

we want you to open your mouth wildly.

we want you to broaden your mind.

we want you to expand your horizons.

we want you to conquer your laziness and all your other human weaknesses.

we want you to overcome all the obstacles that hold you back.

we want to share your joy and we want to share your struggle, but most important of all, we want to share your glory and victory!

we are the future of china, the future of asia, and the future of the world!

we can make the world a better place.

we can make a difference.

we desire to win.

we must win!

we will win, absolutely, and without any doubt!

from painfully shy children who felt terrible about ourselves, who regarded ourselves as human trash, born losers, to internationally recognized english promoters, we made it. we strongly believe that you will make it too!

let’s do it together!

we have confidence in you!


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