关于自信的英语演讲稿 篇一

self-confidence confidence is power--the power to attract, persuade, influence, and succeed. imagine what your life would be like if you had an abundance of selfconfidence ! confidence isn't an inherited trait, it' s a learned one. this means that you can have an abundance of self-confidence. start here, right now.

confidence starts in the mind.what you think of yourself very much influences the way you feel about yourself. this, in turn, affects the way you speak and act.

no one can make you feel inferior without your consent. the very first thing you have to do to create abundant

self-confidence is to start thinking ourselves with confidence. pay attention to your internal dialogue, and learn to notice when you allow negativity or doubt to control the course of your thinking.

your environment has a tremendous influence on you. the books you read, the people you spend time with, and the music you listen to all influence the way you think and feel about yourself and the world around you.

in a nutshell, your environment can either build up your self-confidence or drag it down.

if you're in a situation where you're discouraged, such as an unhealthy relationship or a miserable job, you have to change that situation if you want your self-confidence level to grow.

create an environment that supports you if your desire to have abundant self-confidence. spend time with confident people. remember those, self-confidence can be yours. take it!




自信必须首先从想法开始。你怎么样看待自己,很大程度就影响了你觉得自己怎样。转而也影响了你说话、做事的方式。 没有你的默认,谁也无法将你看低一等。


你周围的环境对你有着莫大的影响。你读的书,和你呆在一起的人,你听的音乐都对你的思维方式、对自己的感觉以及对世界的看法产生影响。 一言蔽之,你的周遭环境不是增加你的自信就是打击你的自信。 如果你现在所处的环境让你备受打击,比如说有一段不健康的关系或者一份痛苦的工作,如果你想提高自信的话,你就要改变你现在的处境。如果你渴望充满自信,就创造一个支持你的环境,与自信的人多待在一起。 记住这些,自信就属于你。抓住它!

关于自信的英语演讲稿 篇二


there are many factors that can contribute to a person’s success in life. whether he is at school or at work, a person is more likely to succeed if he is hard-working, honest, intelligent, responsible, and so on. but of all the possible characteristics that can affect one’s success, i believe self-confidence to be the most important for the following reasons.

the first reason is that when a person has self-confidence he believes in himself. he believes that he can and will succeed, and this gives him the courage to try new things. in order to be successful we must be willing to take some risks, so having self-confidence is very important. another reason is that a confident person rarely gives up. when he fails he tries again and again until he wins. a final reason is that confident people are not afraid to show off their achievements. this is not to say that they should brag, but that they should gracefully and confidently accept the compliments of others. when their achievements are noticed more by others at school or work, they are more likely to succeed.

in short, i believe self-confidence to be the most important factor in success. it enables people to take risks, try again when they fail, and enjoy their accomplishments when they win. with these abilities, a confident person can succeed easily at school or work.





关于自信的英语演讲稿 篇三

good morning,everyone! i`m very happy to have this chance to give my presentation. before i start my speech, please let me ask you a question. do you think you are confident in yourself? if you are, do please raise your hand.

my topic today is “ to be a confident person.”

what is confidence? confidence is to trust yourself. confidence is to look upon yourself. it is not to indulge in self-admiration. it is not to get extremely arrogant. it is not to get dizzy with success or to be opinionated. it is just to inspire yourself ahead of a quality of mind, in high spirit, full of energy. it is to meet the challenges of life in a positive mood. it is to overcome your inferiority, farewell, to get rid of the trouble of a a ready-made panacea.

remember, i have just entered junior high school. in the face of the challenge of new environment, in the face of so many new courses and learning contents, i lost faith in my own and gradually developed a psychological sense of inferiority. achievement glided ceaselessly. it is a teacher and mother who encouraged me and let me regain confidence. gradually, my grades got higher and higher and everything began to go on well. gradually i adapted to the life in middle school.

friends, let's say goodbye to inferiority. let’s be a confident person. because: only if you have self-confidence, can you control yourself; only if you have confidence, can you achieve success and create your a brilliant life of your own!







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